Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Batangas 2014: WYA

Here I am, posting after a month of not being active on this blog, my apologies. In that span of time, a lot of things happened, I mean a lot. But the main thing I want to share with you guys is my experience at the World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific Summer Camp. It’s an annual thing, this “summer camp” and it’s a place wherein people aging from 15-30 gather to learn about the importance of one’s human dignity whether it be from society’s POV or the United Nations’.

I was lucky enough to be given this opportunity to meet amazing people from all over the Pacific region. (special mention; HEY RISDY!) I was basically stuck with these people for 5 days without cellular connection or Wireless connection whatsoever, but hey, I survived, that’s the good thing. What I’m trying to say is…. human interaction isn’t that bad after all! (and I’m the socially awkward one) I’ve met the most amazing people, the coolest facilitators and the nicest resort staff and it was all because of the summer camp.

What is World Youth Alliance you might ask? Well, it’s a non-governmental organization that promotes to human dignity of each person, despite their background, race, and or, standards of living, people ranging between 10-30 can become a member and share with other people, what it means to have this intrinsic dignity within each of us.

Now more on the camp details and my experience of it. On the first day, I was almost late, I arrived exactly at 5:30 AM, the deadliest deadline of it all. The moment we arrived at Palm Beach Resort, we were sorted into our different groups namely; Team Dignity, Team Freedom, Team Solidarity and Team Culture. Lucky for me, I already knew one of my group mates even before the camp. (Louie)  We were also grouped with the bedrooms and all, thank goodness, my AC friend Faye and well.. Hannah Tupas were my rommates, but not to mention Kat from Ateneo De Iloilo! She’s cool.

On the second day, we’ve now discussed chapter 2 and 3 of the WYA manual, it’s a really thick book with no pictures, that was how we studied, never the less, it was alright, I survived. After a long day of discussion and answer-writing, we all decided to take a dip in the pool because we deserved it and it was a great opportunity for us to get to meet the other campers. By the way, the food was alright, mediocre is the best way to describe it. (Just sharing; lol)

We watched a film on the third day! “The Boy In The Stripped Pajamas” that movie was very….. eventful, even Ate Cam, one of the most adorable person I’ve ever met, from the Ateneo De Manila University, was seated beside me after the movie, in tears because of what she felt after seeing that the boy died with the other Jews inside the concentration camp. (spoiler)  She was so cute I wanted to hug her.

Then on the fourth day…… It was the most exhausting day out of all of them combined. We had the amazing race and we were against the other groups. So me being the tiniest, but not really the weakest, I had to skip some obstacles, because I have short limbs and I’m really suck-ish when it comes to things that require the physical strength. I mean come on, look how tiny I am compared to my teammates.

On the night of the fourth day, things got pretty emotional. Most of us were crying because we were already giving each other the cheesy goodbyes. We also exchanged strings that would symbolize the different necessities in life whether it be money or happiness… even peace of mind. (I mostly got blue…. which symbolizes peace of mind; they think I’m that crazy. Guys please)  The color Sky Blue symbolizes “inspiration” but I won’t tell you, who gave it to me. Hihi.

Before I forget to mention, we also had to memorize the Cups Song, so on the fourth day, our facilitators decided to record all of us, on camera, doing the Cups song, of course, while beating to the sound of the cups. I had lots of fun, teaching them how to do it.

Finally… it was the fifth day of camp. Judgement day, or to the common knowledge of everyone from the camp, it was Accreditation Day. We had different types of tests. There was an individual oral test, and of course a group test, but for me, the individual test was much easier, probably because I was given easier questions compared to my co-campers’ .

It was a sad day for all of us because we had to say goodbye for the last time, and just to sum it up, there were lots of hugging and cheesy lines from each and every one of us because we know we’re going to have this separation anxiety within each of us the moment, we leave camp. (Up until now, we still have separation anxiety)
Thank goodness, the summer for my last year of High School was productive. I mean despite the review for the UP College Entrance test, this summer camp made everything worthwhile. I love each and everyone of my co-campers and I’m proud to call each one of them a friend and there’s Hannah of course.  (credits to Kuya Yoe and WYA Asia Pacifc for some of the cool pictures found in this post)

Monday, 6 May 2013

Week 2: Deutschland

Ahhh Germany! There's no use in hiding this love of mine for Germany. I think what you guys don't know is that I know how to speak a little German, a few basics, since I'm quite obsessed with German people. They rock.

Brandenburg gate
With its Romanesque structure, was modeled to look like the ancient gateway to the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. I mean sure you can also find this in Greece but Germany is the place to be for me.

Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom)
This was built in the early 20th century. Not really considered a Cathedral since it has never been the seat of a bishop. 

Those examples are just two of what I want to visit when I really get there. But Germany is where Nutella all started. Everyone loves Nutella ^_^

You guys would probably hate me for this, but I'm a bit of a fan of Adolf Hitler, he may be Austrian-born, but he's a true-blooded German. I'm not trying to say that I'm with the Nazis and all, no. 

I just love Germany in general, I mean yeah sure I'm a Filipina, but I were to choose where I'd live; I'd choose Germany hands down.

DEUTSCHLAND for the win!
Over and out!! 

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Week 1

Teenagers with raging hormones tend to be overly-emotional when it comes to falling in love and heartbreak. 
I've been there, but I'm okay, I'm still awesome. 
First things first, us girls would often think of our crushes as 'the one' but what sucks is REALITY. It's always there to slap you in the face that the guy you like fancies someone else or is taken. Taylor Swift's songs are very helpful.

Remember my blog post about McFLY? Yeah well they're the ones to listen to if you're feeling bittersweet about someone you secretly like. Also, if you feel heartbroken.  I personally think 'Bubblewrap' is one of the most bitter songs I've listened to. Apart from Adele's songs, man she's bitter. 

But anyways, back to bittersweet, Ever heard of THE CLICK 5? Well yeah they disbanded but nevertheless, their songs were my middle school jam. 'Just the Girl' is simply one of the cutest bittersweet songs ever. I suggest you listen to it readers. The song is found below this post.

A ROCKET TO THE MOON, I mean come on, these guys are amazing, and this band was introduced to me by a good friend of mine Celina, who's a massive band girl. She's cool.... but I'm cooler... tssss. Seriously though their song 'She's Killing Me' is pretty sick, I love it half to death. 

THE CAB. They're undeniably amazing, words can't describe how cute their songs are, and trust me, you'll fall in lalalalalove with their songs especially in their 'Symphony Soldier' album. 'La La' their second single from the album, and it's somehow a bittersweet song. Listen to it, it's pretty remarkable.

Technically, falling in love is normal for us teens, and the songs we listen to, whether it's Indie, Pop, Alternative, Rock or any other genre, they all speak about what we are and how we truly feel, and pretty much most of 'em would send messages of love. 

So here they are, Bittersweet love songs that I suggest you people need to listen to. :)

Bubblewrap by McFLY

Just the Girl by The Click 5

She's Killing Me by A Rocket to the Moon

La La by The Cab

So that's my blog post of the week. Stay tuned for more. :D
Over and out!
Auf Wiedersehen! :)

Friday, 26 April 2013

Mainstream bad vibes

Hola! It's been a while since I've opened my blog. I miss it so much!!
So as you all may know, it's summer here in the Philippines and things are heating up. (literally)

Ever since the start of my summer holiday, I didn't have much time to use the internet and I've been M.I.A. for a few days 'cause we went to Baguio.

But from the title of my latest post, which is this one, I am going to share to you my opinion when it comes to Mainstream mania. Basically, I hate mainstream things, such as aztec tank tops, colorful shorts and people wearing sunnies even inside the mall. I absolutely despise this mainstream madness, I find it sickening.

A little tip for you readers, BE DIFFERENT. There's nothing wrong in being unique, you get to see the real you once you be the difference in this blunt world. I'm not asking you people to be a hipster or something, but what the human race is lacking is this thing called ORIGINALITY. The people on earth, they want to be different, but they can't because there are 7 billion people on this planet trying to be different, but it turns out, they can't 'cause in the end, they're all just the same, commoners.


I'm not praising hipsters or anything, but what I like about them is that they're the change they want to be in this blunt planet we are living in. There's nothing wrong with being different, as long as you are yourself, you're different already, so dig a little deep, don't stand on a common ground, spread your wings and show to them how different you can be, because beauty lies within.

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world."
-Mahatma Gandhi

P.S. Hipsters do dress up nicely, to be honest :D
Over and out!
Auf Wiedersehen! 

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Intramurals 2013

It's been a while! Finally updated my blog.
Even if  Sir stated that blogging for grades isn't required anymore, I'll still blog for my sake. HAHA. K.
Life's been great ever since the start of classes. Been studying actually, praise the Lord, I rarely study, but I pass my subjects, so it's fine.

Our Intramural 2012-2013 just ended, and we won.....along with Tribe B. Our names derived from the words Life (elementary) and Listen(High School) in different dialects. We also had different colors for the different tribes.

Tribe A: Des Leben/Zuhoren (Yellow; German)
Tribe B: Luwindig/Luister (Red; African)
Tribe C: Leven/Aanhoren (Purple; Dutch)
Tribe D: Vita/Ascoltare (Orange; Italian)
(c) Ng Shannon Juada
You could probably now hunch that I'm from Tribe C. We shine bright.... like a diamond! (PUSHAK) it's an inside thing, you guys won't get it. HAHA.

We also won in our tribe presentation which was an amazing feeling because we finished our dance, on the day before the FINAL tribe presentation. 

"Gwapa gyapon" - Tribe C's cheer-up line.

Don't we look amazing? Haha. The spirit of Intramurals will never fade away, because it was a week full of excitement, victories, losses, and most especially memories that will never be forgotten. I have to admit it, it was on the best Intrams ever. 

Credits to Ng Shannon for the photos.